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I just told my ex I fucked his best friend today and he me "I fucked your older sister" you know what you man you were a waste of my time so say I'm a whore, slut, twot, hoe, and a thirsty bitch. Okay you man I'm above you

I'm scared to tell my foster family I'm biesexual and my real family I hate hiding it I hate it that's why I smoke marijuana, cigarettes, and I drink but it my sexuality him her swag relation ships cheat my life for sakes

Okay, I recently had a train ran on me, it was three black guys with huge mandingo cocks (I'm black too but still) at first I was scared but then I started loving every bit of it... know I'm thinking, the four of us could do that again every other weekend. ..

I fucked all my girlfriend's friends & she found out about every single one.

I fucked ur bitch raw

I tried to kill myself

I once fucked my stepmom and she said I have a bigger than my dad...

My ex cheated on me with my best friend so I fucked her mom and she swallowed my kids. #hermomwasbetter

"No girl can say they haven't seen a complete stranger and thought 'I wonder how big his is.'" -every girl

Scratched my boyfriend's back during sex. He took off his shirt at football practice, and now all his friends call me 'Wolverine.

Life is too short to have fake orgasms.

We've been broken up for a month or so and I cant get over her and it's driving me insane

I got head from pro and she couldn't make me nut so she walked with the money lol

I once got a bj from a fat girl for some McDonald's A #4 I think

my star wars tattoo got me laid last night. definitely a dark side sort of benefit im thinking

Big girls don't cry they get day drunk

My mom just said she had more presents to wrap, so I should "smoke some weed & go back to bed"... She really is Santa Claus

The only math I use in every day life is figuring out how much I can spend on alcohol and still have money to pay my bills. High school lied to us.

I lied.

I'm a sophomore in high school and need to get a new friend group but i'm too shy and just dont know how to do so.

Life isn't about who you kiss, drunk, at midnight. It's who you text nonsense to, sober, from the toilet.

And as cleavage season comes to a close, so blooms a new season of yoga pants. And the people rejoiced.

Literally had a conversation with the pizza as to why it was a bad idea to reach in the back seat and grab a slice while driving. The pizza was right, it was safer to just wait until I got home.

I've finally given up enough on finals week to wear the same shirt three days in a row, because I didn't take my hoodie off for the first two.

The impact your presence has on my vagina without even putting your hands on me is quite astonishing, impressive and a little disturbing.

12-13-14 is the day i chose money over love.

Da hells this

I'm to shy to talk to the only girl i ever cared for.

that new arctic monkeys is the bomb though

i still like a guy i used to be friends with but i've been in a realtionship with someone else for 3 years

I'm in love with my best friends boyfriend

My dad refuses to smoke with me, cuz last time he couldn't hang

I don't have a secret right now

I Feel Like I Don't Have Much People That Believe In Me!

Sometimes I feel people depend on me to much! To Much pressure!

I'm starting to develop feelings for my best friend

I'm scared of being a bitch to tell my friend I slept with her boyfriend man

im lonely af i just need a bad bitch to kick it with and help me burn all theese Ls

i need someone to talk to

I keep most my problems to myself, because most my problems are with myself.....

I fell for her to easy

My ex is the worst person alive

I live in constant fear of being alone. Or winding up alone

Ive been with my boyfriend for two years and I'm only 18. And I really want to get pregnant.

Marijuana is the one thing that relieves any pain I have, but my family thinks I need rehab because I smoke it. How the hell am I supposed to explain to them that its HELPING me not HURTING me.

I fell in love with her and still love her but she fading away in my perfect dream

I'm sorry but u have the loudest weed in gui

Guess I can't confess who I murda'd so I'll confess I fcked my sister

I go to the club and hookup with the same guy everything. I just went on a date with his best friend and felt the most wonderful connection I've ever felt.

i dont believe in god.

I fell in love with a hoe

I still have deep feelings for this girl I dated for a bit. I still dream of marrying her one day.

I sucked a today

The history between us will never go away, but she got a boyfriend. Won't try to break them up, but will do everything I can

I like him but I'm scared of rejection


I Never told my mom that I'm not a virgin anymore cause I'm afraid she's gonna get mad at me

I would rather hear his curses on me than to live in silence & be forgotten by him

I end every piece of advice with "idk though" so it's not my fault if I ruin their life.

I never told my mom I smoke cigerttes because i think I'll let her down î

Every 2nd Thursday for 2 years me and my best friends boyfriend of 3 years have back breaking, sex... I love looking at my best friend knowing Im sexing her man, and I love kissing my man knowing I just gave oral to another man.

The charm has worn out. I don't know if I'm used to him or actually still love him.. I can't tell..

I'm the root of my own unhappiness. I'm too shy to speak to him. Even when I have every opportunity to do so...

Never told my mom this but I got weed drink and pop pills I'm scared what she might think I'm scared if I'll let her down

I'm with someone.. And I feel
More alone than ever. The one I want I just cannot have

Sometimes i just feel like giving up but then I remember I have a lot of bitches to prove wrong

I'd her bestfriend, With no worries... Im fucked up

I hope she knows i can't play around for ever....

Im just living everyday for me

I want her for myself but she wants to be for everybody else

I love a girl who calls me her best friend and I don't know what to doð

I'm in love with a boy that doesn't give two fucks about my happiness

I've always liked someone worrying if they will ever like me back 2 years later came up to me saying he likes me

One time I was gettin mines and the next thing I know I thought I was Finna bust but I took a fatty piss in dis hoes . Always piss before you pipe.

Tomorrow morning at 11 A.M. I have to meet my college professor in his office to suck his for a passing grade. if I do not get a passing grade then I will not be able to graduate. I am repulsed and disgusted at myself for the position I put myself in. If I do it, then i will graduate, but never be able to forgive myself and I will always have it hanging over me, but if I do not show up tomorrow then I will get the failing grade that I am supposed to get. Somebody please help me, I cannot sleep and I have no idea what to do or how to get myself out of this one. I could use any advice anyone has and please be respectful.

I'm engaged, but we are long distance at the moment. I've begun to have sexual fantasies about a guy I went to college with. I think it might just be the combination of the distance + my general lack of experience before I got together with my fiance that is causing these feelings. It just makes me feel guilty, but I can't stop wondering what it would be like! He was always very open, so I'm pretty confident that he is a FREAK. I'm just so curious...

Im not as ok as i pretend to be..

College is like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire and you're on fire and everything is on fire and you're in hell

I've never broken up with a girl because I don't give up on them but they always seem to give up on me :(

I love asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because I'm still looking for ideas.

Im slowly becoming the person who I used to say that I wouldnt

The human brain is amazing. It functions 24/7 from when we were born & only stops when you take a test or talk to someone attractive

I dont believe in God but he made me begged on my knees to God. He was a dangerous yet beautiful machine.

I didn't choose the 4.0 life. The 4.0 life didn't choose me either.

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